Гос. корп. Проектный офис реформ Минфина (RST) 


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Гос. корп. Проектный офис реформ Минфина (RST) 

  • The Reform Support Team (RST) at the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is a group of Ukrainian professionals (non-public servants) funded on a temporary basis by International Donors that provides targeted technical support and assists the Ministry in the design and implementation of sectorial strategies and priority reforms.
  • Competencies of the RST include the following core capacities:
  • Economic and legal analysis (preparation of reform proposals supported by evidence-based analysis, preparation of policy and legal drafts, regulatory impact assessment etc.), and
  • Reform program planning, implementation and coordination (inc. performance indicators, progress reports, program management, monitoring and coordination, project proposals preparation etc.).
  • RST MoF was launched in October 2016.
  • Currently the RST MoF is helping the Ministry to implement six priority reforms: Development of the Public Finance Management Strategy; Public Administration Reform and Capacity Building in the Ministry of Finance; Tax Reform and Establishment of the New Finance Police Service; Customs Reform; Optimization of Social Security System; and Reform of State-Owned banks and Improvement of International Financial Cooperation process. The scope of RST MoF work is expanding
  • RST MoF has continuous presence in MoF: all our experts work full-time in the MoF building (main MoF location, where all MoF departments are based)
  • RST MoF does not substitute civil servants in MoF and we are not involved in routine government work. Instead, we focus exclusively on structuring, implementation and support of reforms - we guide and teach MoF employees in re-engineering of MoF processes and reform structuring.